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Andar Bahar Games

Andar Bahar Games is a classic Indian casino game. The game is all about pure luck. This card game consists of 52 cards, and each player has a 50/50 chance of winning based on their choices. Andar Bahar is most popular because of its simplicity and speed. Hence most of the casino sites come with this game.

The origin of this game is south India. In the early days, these games are played by friends and families. Most of the Indian player’s first card game is Andar Bahar. And its rules are simple than blackjacks or poker. Here we help you to find the right Andar Bahar casino games and rules of the Andar Bahar.

In this article, Let’s understand how to play Andar Bahar and let see which casino offer the best Andar bahar game experience.

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How to play Andar bahar casino games and rules

The game consists of a dealer and a deck of cards. In this game,

  1. Dealer place a joker card face up before the game starts, after that bet are placed on the inside (Andar) or outside (Bahar).
  2. Dealer places the card on andar and bahar alternatively until the joker card matches. The joker card comes either in andar or bahar. If you predicted correctly, then you can get your money back. You can also make the side bet.
  3. After card matching with a joker. Game stop. Then the numbers of cards are counted. And if the number of card is odd, then andar is the winner. If a number of cards are even, the bahar is the winner.

Hope you understand the basics of the game.


  1. Think where you want to place the bet.
  2. Place the bet where you want to start the game.
  3. You can claim your money after winning.
  4. Place another bet with the strategy.

As you can see the games is simple and easier to play.

Strategy to win Andar Bahar

There is no strategy to win Andar Bahar. It is a fast-paced card game. Andar bahar is purely full of luck. Every time you lose the bet double your bet next time. Every time you win return to your initial amount. Since it is a most addictive game it is always advisable to stop playing the game after reaching your budget and practice more offline.

Below we have listed top casinos to try Andar bahar. Our personal favourite is Genesis Casino. Since it has a huge collection of Andar Bahar games. Choose your favourite and start playing.

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Bets & Pay-outs

For the basic bet, you either bet on Andar Bahar. The payout percentage for Andhar is 51.9%. and for Bahar payout percentage is 48.5%.

For the side bet group, This type of bet is placed before matching the joker card either with the Andar and bahar.

Side bet Payout percentage
Below 8 cards 46.15
Above 8 cards 46.15
At 8th card 7.69
Specific Suit 25%
Specific color 50%

Best bets are
– Andar or Bahar bet
– Color Bet
– Below 8
– Above 8

Important Term in Andar Bahar

Joker Card

Joker Card is showed by dealers to bet. This card decides whether you are winning or losing.


Andar is a place where you make bet. And it means inside. If the card matches with the joker, then your card win.


It is same as andar, where you place the bet. You can get a money back, If your card match with joker.

Live Andar Bahar Casino Games

Many Online Casino Games across the globe allow the player to play live Andar bahar games. If you love to play games in Andar Bahar virtually, then a live casino is the perfect solution for you. Live Casino Games is similar to the land-based casino where players can play at their home and dealer guide the players from their studio.

If you love to play Andar Bahar alone, then Video Andar Bahar is a perfect choice.

Mobile App for Andar Bahar Casino

  • There are a variety of casino games available for Andar Bahar for mobile in India.
  • Andar Bahar games can be download and played on mobile or iOS devices.

Game Providers for Andar Bahar:

  • Ezugi
  • Super Spade Games
  • X-Pro Gaming

Play Andar Bahar for Real Cash

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            Hope you have clear understanding about the Andar Bahar. Andar Bahar Card game is most classic games and It is popular in worldwide because of its simplicity. If you are beginner, then you can start playing the andar bahar game for free to learn the rules. Find the right casino. Before investing, do your own research or find the best Indian online casino.

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