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Slot machine contains random numbers. The random number can generate a random number while spinning the wheel. The slot game is one of the popular casino games because they are fun to play and fun. It can be played by anyone and it can be enjoyed by anyone. You can play slot games anywhere because of its simplicity. You can start playing the slot for free. Most of the players’ first game is slot. In this guide, let’s see how you can win at online slots.

Types of online slot games

It is little confusing for the player to choose who love to play slots, because there is a huge collection of slot games available. To help the player understand about the slot game play, we have listed the some of the free slot casino sites.

Free Slots

Players can make use of the free slots and enjoy the game without risking their money. It is best for the players who want to try new symbols and practise their strategy.

Real Money Slots

Players can win huge money in real money slots. A real money slot comes with huge jackpots for their player. All real money casino sites can be played both on pc and mobile.

Progressive Slots

Player can have chance to win huge money form progressive slots. Most of slot machines, Jackpots are fixed. But in progressive jackpots, jackpot rises when a player make bet in progressive jackpot until a player land in winning combination.

Benefit of Our Slot Machines Guide

You can discover essential information about the slot games like the RTP value of the pay. We have listed casino sites that have to provide a bonus for the players. Play with the best casinos that are safer to play and huge slot game collections.

Slot game providers

There are plenty of casino sites that are evolving with the edge-cutting software for their players. Slot game providers are NetEnt, Microgaming, and RealTime Gaming. Slot game players love to play slots that have impressive graphics and music. The game providers always come with different and huge slot games.

Slot Online Casino

How we review the Best Online Slots

We review casino site which provide genuine RTP value to the player and best possible gaming experience. Below are the things to find the best slot casino.


We make sure the bonus and rewards offered by casino site are reliable. All casino sites provide different type of bonus for their player. Make use of these bonuses.

RTP & Variance

Players winning are depending on the RTP & variance. We find and review casino site which has highest RTP and Variance. We will tell the player how often they should be expected to win

Mobile Experience

Listed casino sites are user-friendly and have a good user experience. Almost all slot games are interesting to play, because of the theme collection. And they are highly optimised to play on mobile phones.

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Pay lines in Slots

The more lines you play the more chance you can win. A pay line is a pattern on the reels where a winning combination occurs. It can be a zig-zag or straight. There are two major pay lines in slots and they are fixed pay lines and variable pay lines.
Symbols in Slots.

The most commonly used symbols in slots are

  •  Scatter – This symbol reward the player with the winning payout like free spin or bonus.
  • Wild – It has the powers to substitute all others except the scatter.
  •  Multiplier – This symbol increase the chance of your winnings

Pay out Percentage in Slots

Let’s understand the payout percentage in slots like RTP percentage, Variance, and house edge. It is important to know about the payout percentage in slots.

RTP Percentage is the term used in slot casinos and an amount is returned to the player over a large number of spins. You must hear about this term in the slot while choosing the best slot. For example, a slot with 97% RTP will give you $97 for the hundred times your wager with a slot for $1. Choosing the high RTP value site is a great choice.

Variance – It is nothing but how often the casino sites pay jackpots to the players. Variance is also known as volatility or payout frequency. The slot variance casino game is categorized into 3 types,

  1. Low variance slot game - In this type of slot game, you can win frequently but a small amount can be won.
  2. Medium variance slot game – In this type of game, players can win frequently, with the combination of small money to large jackpots.
  3. Large variance slot game – Players don’t land wins too often in these games. But these games have huge winning. High risk and High rewards are offered by the casino sites.

By playing free slot games like spinning the table for 100times, you can find the volatility of the game, what wins you land. If the pay lines are triggered frequently and you have low stake than the original stake then it is low variance. And if it is the complete opposite then it is a high variance game

Variance in Online Slot Games

House Edge – You will come across this word. House edge in the slot machines fall under 5% to 10%. And it is the average percentage of casino sites that keep. For example, the payout percentage of casino 95% has a house edge of 5%.

Slot Casino Games in India

Best Online Slot Casino

  1. Spinit – The best casino site to visit and play. They have huge collection of online Slot casino game, progressive slots and free slot games. Best cash back program offered by the casino sites. Weekly great bonus operations for their players. Read Review>>
  2. Casino Days – It has popular collection of slot games. And slot with ancient Rome and Egypt. Casino Days have fair RTP and Payout Percentage for their players. It comes with great
The slot machine has a number of pay lines in a game. It is a pattern on the reels where the winning combination occurs.
The best slot casino site can be found by seeing the safety, game collection, mobile support, Bonus, and Payment methods. Or Here you can find the list of a best online casino sites in India.
Slot machine games can be played for free. If you have an account on a casino site. You can practice your strategy there.
Slots are full of chance. You just spin the wheel and hope for a match.