Teen Patti

Looking for a best Teen Patti casino game for real money, then you are at the right place. We are here to guide you to find the right casinos and how to play. Teen Patti is simple to understand but harder to master in it. In this guide, let’s understand what is Teen Patti? And rules involved types of bets.

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is one of India’s favourite games. It is one of the most popular Indian casino games. Teen Patti game is full of chance. The player dealt with three cards and you win if you have a better hand than other players. It requires 3 cards to play. The game is based on full of luck.

Rules in Teen Patti

  • 52 card is used to play the Teen Patti game
  • Every player has to make a bet before the game starts and is called a boot bet or ante. As the game progress, the boot money grows. The winner of the game collects all the money.
  • 3 cards were given to you after making bet.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings and Payout percentage

Trail or set (Three same ranks) – Same card regardless of color. – Best hand combination in teen Patti. Payout percentage - 0.24%.

Pure Sequence – Consecutive cards of the same suit. The order of ranking starts with the teen Patti sequence highest to lowest ( A, 2, 3) to (4, 3, 2). Payout percentage – 0.22%.

Sequence – Consecutive card of 3 different suites. Payout percentage – 3.26%.

Color – 3 cards in the same color but can be in a different order. Pay out percentage – 4.96%.

Pair – 2 Consecutive cards or 2 Same suits. Pay out percentage – 16. 94%.

High Card – Least ranked card. It indicates there is no sequence. The highest card will determine the winner. Payout percentage – 74.39%.

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Getting Started with Teen Patti

To play a teen Patti casino, you require a casino account and internet to play. And a smartphone or tablet or computer. A smartphone is more than enough. A secure payment option in your name such as Google Pay or PayTM.

  1. Find the best casino online or you can find the list of best online casino games in India for real money After finding the right casino site. Create a basic casino account.
  2. Fund your money on your casino account. Make use of the welcome bonus offered by the casino site. Make a deposit in your desired payment gateways.

A best Teen Patti casino has following factor

  • Deposit & Withdrawals

Secure & Fast pay-outs make Teen Patti trustable. The safest casino supports the most trustworthy payment option in India.

  • Teen Patti Promotions

Most of the casino sites give extra prizes and welcome bonuses for their new player. Make use of the bonus like no deposit free spin bonus, welcome bonus and so on.

  • Game Selection

Make sure the Teen Patti casino games are got from the top providers like ezugi, evolution and so on.

Best Teen Patti Casino Games to Play

Casino Days
Casino Days provide the ultimate Teen Patti gaming experience for players. They have casino games from top providers like ezugi, Evolution. You can also play live casino games in Casino Days. And this site licensed under the Curacao Gaming authority. Provide a Safer environment to play casino games.

Genesis Casino
One of the best top casino sites to try Teen Patti is Genesis Casino. And has a large collection of table games. Have customer support in the regional language is an added advantage. Live teen Patti casinos in genesis are from ezugi.

Casino Days Teen Patti
Genesis Casino
Teen Patti Ranking cards

Important Teen Patti Terms

Some of the important terms are better to be known before playing Teen Patti. This will help you to provide a clear understanding of Teen Patti. Some of the terms are listed below.


  • Ante is an initial bet that must be done by every player in the game, before starting the game.

Blind & Chaal

  • Blind is the bet made by players before the game starts. This is another ante. They choose to look at their car when their turns come.
  • Chaal means deciding to see your cards. For this, you have to make a double bet on the current bet placed by the player. Also called as seen. They are the seen player and they can

Call or Raise

  • Call in Teen Patti indicates the player will continue to stay on the game without raising his bet. But in Raise, the player will choose to raise the bet. Hence all other players also have to make the bet equal to or higher than the bet

Fold & Side Show

  • The fold is giving up on your chance to win the boot bet. Choose to leave the game and waits for the next round.
  • A seen player can ask for the sideshow to the player. The player may accept your sideshow and reject the sideshow. The main goal of teen Patti is to have the best hand. If both player's hands are equal then, the players who don’t request a show will win the pot.

Limited Stakes and Unlimited Stake

  • The limited stake is for the player who plays it for the first time. Boot amount for them is low and there is a restriction on the number of times you can play blind.
  • Unlimited Stake is recommended for experienced gamblers. Where they can raise the bet and total amount on the pot.

Tips to win at Teen Patti

  1. Always have a budget while playing the teen Patti. Start with the small bet.
  2. Never play casino games if not sure about the Teen Patti rule. Practice with free games.
  3. Make a smaller bet while playing blind.
  4. Increase your bets when you have a good hand. Don’t raise the bet immediately, because another player will know that you have a good hand. Hence increase the bet gradually.
  5. Chaal is betting on the current stake amount without raising. Another player is most likely to fold their hand.
  6. You can ask for a sideshow to your opponent. If you think your opponent is bluffing.
  7. Fold when you have a bad hand.


Teen Patti is one of the most popular casino games because fun is endless in Teen Patti. This game can be easily played on any device. It is more important to choose the right casino. This game can also be played at home with friends and family. Know you have a clear understanding of Teen Patti. Try playing free teen Patti games before playing in real money